Welcome to Teach in the UK! My name is Christina Panagopoulou (known as Lacris). I was born in Madrid by Greek parents, I grew up and studied in Patras and I moved to London in 2008 at the age of 22 after completing my BA Hons in Early Childhood Studies which in England qualifies for a Qualified Teacher Status. When I left Greece the enormous financial crisis and the unemployment had not manifested yet; I did not come because of unemployment but because of my enormous desire to explore different early years systems and to know different cultures.

I arrived with the small savings I had collected from my seasonal work in Zakynthos and when I came there was absolutely no information on any page about my employability or recognition of qualifications. Without knowing how to match my qualifications to British standards I worked as an unskilled worker at Day Nurseries for several years. I discovered the processes slowly, one after the other. I had worked in Day Nurseries in London for four years before I realized I was entitled to a Teaching qualification which is when I received my Q.T.S. and started supply teaching. I worked as a supply teacher for two years and in 2015 I found my first permanent teaching position. Since then I have been teaching permanently in the Reception class of a state school. Since 2017 I have been studying towards a MA Comparative Education at UCL.

This page was originally named ”Greek Early Years Workforce UK” and for years it provided relocation advice and support to hundreds of Greek education professionals who wished to move to the UK. At the same time I ran my Spanish speaking blog ”Docentes en Inglaterra”. In 2018 I decided it was time to open an official website which would merge both pages and also provide information to education professionals from other countries.

In this page you can find any information you need for your relocation to the UK. You will find details about how to match your qualifications, how to seek employment, how to build your CV, best types of training to help your job-seeking as well as information about salaries, national insurance, advice for parents, health and entertainment. You will also find all the links you need to study the curriculum of the age group of your choice and plenty more informative articles.

Enjoy the journey!